How to Make An Interactive Website

In our post, we have talked about how to make an interactive website. Because many people don’t know how to make a website. After you read this post, you will understand how to make a static or dynamic website.

Types of Websites

There are two types of websites. They are static websites and dynamic websites. They are categorized according to their interaction with the visitors who visit them.

Static Websites

static websites Visitors can

  • read articles
  • look at the pictures
  • watch videos and movies.

But they can not

  • write comments
  • buy products
  • send messages to the members of the website
  • answer the questions
  • register and login
  • search products and articles
  • share something what they like.

You can easily make static websites using ready-to-use html templates or some softwares like Adobe Muse. But static websites are not interesting for the visitors. Because the visitors want to interact with the website, users and content.

Dynamic Websites

dynamic websitesVisitors can

  • read articles
  • look at the pictures
  • watch videos and movies
  • write comments on products and articles on the website
  • buy products
  • send messages to other members
  • answer the questions
  • register and login
  • search someting on the website
  • share something what they like.

Make An Interactive Website

Making an interactive website means making a dynamic website. Both terms are same. So we can say that, dynamic websites are those which interact with the visitor.

There are some different way to make interactive websites.

CMS (Content Management System)

cmsYou can have a website by using content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, etc. If you are using a Linux server and cPanel, you can easily install one of the hundreds of content managements systems on cPanel.

How to Install WordPress

If you don’t an option to install CMS on cPanel or your hosting management panel, you can install WordPress manually. First, you download WordPress installation files from the Official WordPress Website. Then, unzip the zipped files to a folder and upload them to your web hosting by using an ftp software like Filezilla.

Free Blog Websites

You can also use free blog websites to make a website and publish your articles. The most popular one among them is Blogger. It is one of the Google’s websites. So you can create a new blog or website by using your Google (Gmail) account.

How Much Does it Cost to Make A Website?

If you use Blogger, you don’t pay any money for your website. But if you use WordPress script in your hosting, you pay for the domain and hosting fee yearly. Approximately domain and hosting fee are totally between 50$ and 250$ for a year. Also you have to pay for softwares you use while making a website. For example, Adobe Muse, Adobe Dreamweaver, etc.

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