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How To Memorize Vocabulary Easily And Fast

Impotance of Vocabulary

If you want to learn a language, you have to learn that language’s main vocabulary to speak well enough. Because the most important part of a language are the words. If you know the words, even if you don’t know enough grammar rules, you can tell what you want to say. So memorize vocabulary first, in your language learning aim.

english word count

How many words are there in English?

In English, there are approximateliy 3 million words. But 800.000 of them are being used by people who is native speakers.

A person who starts to learn English should memorize

  • 1500 words to talk about his/her basic needs and problems
  • 2500 words to talk about something which he/she wants to discuss
  • 5000 words to understand movies, people around him/her
  • 8000 words to talk about everything.


How to Memorize Vocabulary Easily and Fast

colourful papers

If you try to memorize vocabulary by using a list in front of you, you will forget them in a short time. You should memorize the words by using vocabulary cards. For this,

  • You should buy some colourful paper.
  • The colors of the papers should be different from each other.
  • You should cut them as a square whose dimensions are 5 cm.
  • When you finished cutting the papers, search on the internet about “1000 most common words in English”.
  • And write the first word from the list to the front size of the square paper.
  • And write its meaning in your language to the other side.
  • Then, buy two A5-sized envelopes.
  • Draw a happy face on the first envolope.
  • You wrote the words onto the cards before.
  • And now it’s time to memorize and check vocabulary.
  • Look at the front side of the card, guess the meaning.
    • If your answer is right, put it into the happy envelope.
    • Otherwise, put it into the sad envelope.
  • If your sad envelope is empty when you check all the cards, then check the cards in the happy envelope again. Because you may forget vocabulary which you have learnt before.

a5 sized envelopes

So, these are some suggestion about learning new words of a language which you want to learn. You should follow the instructions above to learn a language easily. Good luck with your memorizing new vocabularies and learning a new language.

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