How to Screenshot on Windows

What is ScreenShot?

Screenshot is an image which contains everything on the screen of your devices like computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc. You can capture screen if you want to save something on your screen. Generally, people capture screen for education, or some funny images with subtitle which are called CAPS.

How to Screenshot on Windows

How to Screenshot by Pressing Print Screen Key

print screen keyThere are many method to capture screen on your Window Device like PC or Laptop. The first one is the print screen key on your keyboard. You can capture your screen by pressing your print screen key. When you hit the key, Windows, the operating system, copies the screenshot to the clipboard. You can paste the screenshot in the clipboard to anywhere you want.

  • You can paste the screenshot to a Microsoft Word document and add some descriptive texts related to the screenshot.
  • Or maybe you can paste it into the software named Paint which is a preinstalled software of all editions of Windows Operating System. After pasting it, you can edit the image.
  • If you are good enough at Adobe Photoshop, you can edit the image by using Adobe Photoshop.

How to Screenshot by Using Snipping Tool

snipping toolSnipping Tool is an official tool of Windows Operating System. It’s preinstalled when you install a Windows edition to your computer.

  • Run Snipping Tool from the Start Menu.
  • Choose a snipping form. There are four forms of snipping.
    • Free-form Snip
      You can draw a shape on the screen and the program will capture only the area you draw.
    • Rectangular Snip
      If you want to capture a rectangular area on your screen, you can use rectangular snip form.
    • Window Snip
      Sometimes you may need to capture only one window like a browser. Then you can capture it by using window snip form.
    • Full-Screen Snip
      If you want to capture the whole screen including the elements like start menu, program menus, taskbar, system tray, etc.

After you capture screen, you can save it as jpg, png, gif or mht format. Or you can paste it to the softwares as said in the previous section.

How to Screenshot by Using A Third-Party Software

What is Third-Party?

Third-Party Software means the software whose developer is different from the developer of the software you have bought. For example, you have bought and installed Windows 10 to your computer. The published or developer of Windows is Microsoft Corporation. But you want to install and use Photoshop. The published of Photoshop is Adobe. Adobe Photoshop is a third-party software for Microsoft Windows. But you can install and use it on a Windows OS.

Third-Party Screenshot Programs

You can capture screen by using the following third-party softwares.

  • Lightshot
    It’s free. And you can use it on Windows and Mac operating system.
  • Snagit
    It costs $49.95. You can use many advanced capturing options like capture by scrolling. For example, you want to capture a website. But it’s bigger than the screen and you can not capture it once. You can use capture by scrolling feature of this software, so the software will both scroll and capture the screen at the same time.
  • ScreenHunter
    It’s a free screenshot software.
  • Screenpresso
    There are free and paid versions of Screenpresso.
  • ABBYY Screenshot Reader
    This is a different software from others. Because ABBYY Screenshot Reader doesn’t save an image. It captures screen and convert the texts in the image to the characters which you can edit. It’s a very useful software especially for those who scan documents via scanners. You can save the output text in many different formats. The formats you can save the output text are those:

abbyy screenshot reader

  • Text to Clipboard
  • Text to Microsoft Word
  • Text to File
  • Text to Clipboard
  • Table to Microsoft Excel
  • Table to File
  • Image to Clipboard
  • Image to ABBYY FineReader
  • Image to File
  • Image to E-mail


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